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4-22-100 Create Your Own Lariat Slave Collar!

4-22-100 Create Your Own Lariat Slave Collar!
++NOTE++ I am now offering all of my lariats on Dark Fire's totally clean sister site, Magical Fire! What if your co-worker asks where you got that cool necklace? Instead of stammering something and running away, you can now send them with confidence to Magical Fire!

Ordering your very own custom made lariat collar is simple! All you do is scroll down to see the many options in the photos, then choose desired option from the drop down menu. Drop down options are in the same order as the photos. Use your imagination to create a lariat made just for you! Start with the 'Length' drop down, then choose bead color, pick add on's such as hearts, stars, crystal beads or gemstones (or none at all, that's OK, too), then pick the end and centerpiece. These are all lead-free pewter, except, of course, the sterling triskele. If you pick one that shows both the centerpiece and the end, it is only sold as a set, so you are done. If you choose an A La Carte center, then go choose from the A La Carte ends to go with your center (it will default to the 'no need, I ordered a center + end set above' so just drop down one line to the 'silvertone tassel' if you don't pick something else. If this is not chosen, I will automatically use this option when I make your lariat). You can even add 6 or 12 inches of length if you like (Ahemů that's length added to the lariat-I can only do so much!). The 6 inch option is great for wrapping twice around the neck and wearing as a choker with the end hanging close to the throat (see note on wrapping twice below). The 12 inch option is great for using the lariat as a belt. The base price is $13.99, and that is for the clear or white lariat with no hearts or stars, and the silver tassel end (or you can choose the silvertone or copper finish lock and key sets for no extra charge in the A La Carte drop down menu). Change to a different color of bead (I even have super-cool glow-in-the-dark beads! They look white in regular light), add hearts, stars, gemstones or crystal, a pewter center, handmade tassels (I can do them with sterling silver slave bells or make them to match the bead color and whatever hearts, stars or gemstones you added-I'll add them to the handmade tassel if you choose that option for no extra charge). The combinations are just too numerous for me to offer each one here on the site. About 8-12 days later, you should be enjoying your custom made lariat! Please, I ask that you double check your contact information, in case I have a question-I will e-mail if there are any questions, and if I don't get you quickly, I'll use the phone number you provide. If it is not safe to contact you by phone, PLEASE REPLY TO YOUR ORDER AND LET ME KNOW! I don't want to mess up a surprise.

Is it a collar and leash, or is it jewelry? This necklace is a very discreet collar that can be worn to work or in front of family-they'll never guess! It can be adjusted to a choker or worn down to suit your mood. The entire necklace measures about 32-34 inches long. Simply slip the end through the ring or loop to wear. Surprise! These lariat collars are personally handmade by Princess Krista. These wonderful creations are made with love, each one handmade and unique.

This is a piece of handmade jewelry, so you should treat it accordingly (not like a leather collar and leash), but it is pretty strong. I STAND BEHIND MY WORK, but as we all know, life happens. If it breaks, send it back and I'll fix it based on availability of beads. Returns must be pre-arranged so I can make sure I have the beads. If it has been 60 days or less, there won't be a charge. If it has been a while, the charge will be reasonable (return postage and new beads if needed, generally). If you want to have me make something in a different color or length or fancy it up with Swarovski crystal, pearls or rarer gemstone beads that are not offered here, please contact me, and let's design something completely unique! I have many colors of pearls, iolite, blue lace agate, tiger eye, clear quartz, rutilated quartz, black onyx, jade, gemstone hearts & stars, or instead of hearts or stars I can add butterflies, dragonflies, gothic skulls, fiber optic beads, etc. If you have a special charm or ring that you would like incorporated into your lariat, check with me. I can probably do it!

This is a custom-made item. Made just for you. There are no returns accepted on custom items, though when you see it, I have confidence that you won't want to return it.

\n++NOTE: If you are intending to use this lariat to wrap twice around the neck, use the brass finish infinity ring and key set, the copper or brass heart with stars/moon end, silver or copper moon & stars with moon end, copper heart + love heart arrow, kitties center & end, the silver infinity or fancy ring, the slavegirl and teardrop, and of course, the beaded loop. If you need one of the other combinations to wrap twice, there are two options: Option 1: order with extra length, making sure that you measure around the head and multiply that number by two-order the closest to that measurement, and let me know what the measurement is so I can make sure that it fits. Option 2: Have me add a clasp to the end to make the end removable. If you want option 2, use the 'Special Options, as discussed' section to add $2.00, and then reply to your order to let me know that you want the clasp.

*Note: The two starred centers (the cool pewter hand and the scroll) will not work with any add on's except for the small pewter stars (number 4), The rectangular Celtic knot (number 7), the stars (numbers 47-53) and the rose quartz or moonstone (numbers 65 and 66) or the citrine (number 68).

If you'd like to get some design inspiration, click here to see a slideshow of past lariats I've made, including some really cool custom lariats.

If you know of someone who would like this item, please feel free to use our 'mail this page' feature right under this description. Our sincere promise to you: Their information will not be kept or used for any other reason than to send information.

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