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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do you ship discreetly?
Of course! Dark Fire is a small store that cannot afford specially printed boxes that say �Potentially embarrassing items inside�. If you�d like that kind of notoriety, you�ll have to get it from a different company.

2. I want to buy something for someone else. Can you ship to a friend?
Definitely. Simply fill out your name and billing address in the �Billing Address� section, and their name and address in the �Shipping� section of the order form.

3. I want a printed catalog!
Dark Fire has no plans of offering a printed catalog. The product line is continuously changing, so there is no way we could make sure that the items you order would be in stock if you ordered through a printed catalog. It is also extremely expensive to put together a catalog. We feel that offering a printed catalog would force the prices to be higher for you, our valued customer. We also try our best to conserve on paper whenever possible, and catalogs are far from being Earth-friendly.

4. I would like to order but I don't have a credit card. Do you accept money orders?
Yes, we do, but no checks. Go through the ordering process online. At checkout, copy all of the order details and paste into the contact form. Send this form, along with the date you'll send the money order, and I'll get right back to you with the address to send your money order. Please note: If you do not send a money order within 5 days, money order orders will no longer be accepted from you. Money order means just that, money order. We don't want to have to hold checks for 10 days, so we don't accept checks at all.

5. Do you do COD orders?

6. Is ordering from your site secure?
Yes! We use the latest ans most secure encryption technology to assure encryption of your information. Look for the little padlock on your browser, and look at the url. It should say 'https'. Look for it on any form where you submit sensitive information-not just here, but if you order from other sites and the padlock is not present or the URL does not say 'https' (as opposed to just http://www. .....), please, do not give any personal information.

7. What do you do with my personal information?
Your credit card information never even gets to Dark Fire. It is used for this purchase by the payment processor, and not stored. That means if you contact us and ask us to add to your order, we'll have to ask for your credit card number again.

8. That sounds very responsible of you, but what about spam and snail mail lists? Is my information safe?
That is a resounding "Yes!" Your name address, phone number, E-mail address or preferences will never be distributed to anyone or used for any purpose other than fulfilling your order. Period. Your information is never sold, either! No adult chatline mailing lists will be filling up your recycle bin (unless they came from other companies!).

9. I'm not so sure about the security of ordering online and would like to order by phone.

210-558-4300. Dark Fire is a very small company, and while we'd like to have 24 hour 800 numbers and operators, it just is not possible without raising the prices. We use the best available encryption technology to ensure the privacy and safety of your information. Your order will be put through the shopping cart exactly as an online order because of inventory control and your security. You see, every order has to be put through AVS or Address Verification System. This means that if the billing address you gave does not match what your bank shows for you, we guarantee that your order will be delayed while we wait for you to fax supporting documentation of your identity. This is an online store, therefore, we use an online processor that offers Address Verification. Transactions must go through online. We have no other alternative, as we are a small but growing store. This is for your protection as well as ours. We would be wary of any business that did not implement the practice of AVS to protect your credit information.

10. You declined my order but you still charged me! What's up with this??
Dark Fire is a very small company, and we use the best available encryption technology to ensure the privacy and safety of your information as well as the best security methods available to protect against fraudulent credit card use. Your order will be put through AVS or Address Verification System. This means that if the billing address you gave does not match what your bank shows for you, your order will be declined, and you'll be locked out of the system after two declined attempts. You'll also be declined if you give the wrong three digit code on the back of the card. If you don't know your own billing address, there's not a lot we can do to help that situation except to tell you to try again tomorrow and to look at your statement. This is for your protection as well as ours. You should be very leery of any business that does not use AVS or CVV2 verification (the last three digits on the back signature panel) to ensure you have the card in your hand when placing the order. So, that does not really answer the question... Why does a charge appear on my account? It is actually NOT a charge, and will not ever appear on a paper statement. It is an AUTHORIZATION, which will fall off of your account at YOUR BANK'S whim. Dark Fire has nothing to do with this, and cannot reverse charges that never took place, and cannot make authorizations go away. Generally, they go away within 24-48 hours. Again, make sure you know your billing address to avoid this.

11. I want my order NOW. How soon do you ship?
Shipping is normally within 48 hours. If you ordered a custom-made item, please allow 5-7 days.

12. How do you ship?
Dark Fire generally ships via United States Postal Service. It is also the policy of Dark Fire to require an adult signature on orders over $100, or orders that ship to an address other than the billing address.

13. What if I get something and it is damaged?
Although every possible precaution is taken to avoid this, sometimes it does happen. Keep the packing materials and contact Dark Fire immediately. We'll start a claim process for you and keep you informed with instructions and expected refund/reship dates. Please note: USPS and UPS both require that all of the shipping and packing materials be kept until the claim has been decided! If you do not keep all of the packing materials, there is nothing that we can do to help you.

14. I just received my item and want to return it for a refund. How do I do this?
To make things easier, Dark Fire has implemented a �Return Request� system. AUTHORIZED returns must be received within 10 days, and there are no returns accepted on sale items, books, personal items (such as gags or blindfolds) or opened body products. Shipping is non-refundable, unless it was our mistake. Simply pack it back up securely, tape your return authorization tag to the box and send it back.
Here�s how to request a return tag:
a. Go to the Store section of Dark Fire and log in with the username and password you used to place your order.
b. On the right hand menu, click �Order History�
c. Check �All Dates� and click �Search�
d. Click on the order that has the item that you want to return, and scroll all the way to the bottom of that order.
e. Fill out the form on the bottom of the order by checking the item(s), choosing the reason, adding comments and clicking �Create�. If you do not see your item in the list, it is probably not eligible for return. If you have questions about a particular item, please contact Dark Fire.
f. Wait for an E-mail from Dark Fire that says �Return Authorized� g. Log into your account, on the right hand menu, click on �Returns.�
h. Click on �RMA# such & such� click �Print Return Slip� tape it on your package along with your return address, and send it back.
Dark Fire may return or refuse any item that is not authorized, so it is important to get a return authorization.

15. What if I want to exchange something?
It is understandable sometimes that you'd want to exchange something because it was not quite what you expected. Due to the stringent inventory and security policies, we cannot guarantee that the item you want will be in stock by the time we get your return back. We credit back immediately when we receive your item back, and ask that you simply reorder the item you want through the shopping cart as you normally would.

16. You made a mistake and sent me X instead of X. How do you handle that?
We just hate it when we are reminded that we are human and make mistakes! In this case, simply go to the contact section and explain what happened. We'll either send a call tag for the wrong item or ask you to send it back and refund the postage that you paid to get it back to us. As soon as it is verified that it is on its way back to us, we'll send out the proper item, at no shipping expense to you. Please give us a chance to make it right, as this little store is run with honor and integrity.

17. Please unsubscribe me from your newsletter.
This request must go through the opt out link provided, as we don't store your E-mail address on a list that we can edit-it is kept right here in the system and never seen by human eyes. Of course, this is moot, as there is currently no newsletter.

18. Do you ship outside of the United States?
Regretfully, no. Dark Fire is a tiny business, and we cannot afford the difficulties and risks that go along with shipping out of the country. Every time we've tried this, it has caused problems and cost untold amounts of money and time to solve those problems. If you have a friend in the states, you can have the item sent to them and have them send it to you. The exception to this is APO and FPO addresses.

19. I want to come shopping in person. Where in the world are you?
Dark Fire no longer has a retail storefront, and that's why the prices are so reasonable. We are online only.

20. Do you sell at a discount to retailers for resale?

21. I'm trying to check out, but the items I placed in my cart are not there any more!
In order for the item to stay in your cart, you must have cookies turned on in your browser! In Internet Explorer, go to Tools --> Privacy --> Advanced --> Make sure that under "First Party Cookies" the "Accept" or the "Prompt" button is checked. Under "Third Party Cookies" make sure the "Accept" button or the "Prompt" button is checked. If you want to change it to "Prompt" simply check the box that says "Override automatic cookie handling" and you'll be able to check whichever boxes you like.

22. I like item such & such. Who do you get it from?
It took many years and a lot of work to find the wonderful items presented here. Dark Fire does not share suppliers with customers or other retailers.